IoT web services for industry

Commissionning cloud service

Manage, modify and share your IoT commissionning projects created with SensConnect tool by Review Display Systems Ltd. Upload projects from SensConnect applications and safely manage, edit and export data with this commissionning web service.  

Logimic Lighting platform

Platform for management and control of open-air lighting in villages, cities, industrial complexes and everywhere else. Target customers are open-air street lamps manufacturers, suppliers and integrators providing this platform with their products.


Logimic connects industrial devices to wireless network and internet to be easy accessible for control and end user management.

Industry 4.0

Logimic provides software for control of industrial devices and processes. We develop highly sophisticated control algorithms and solutions.

IQRF wireless

We are experts on IQRF wireless technology which we help to improve by our co-development of IQRF interoperable gateway and web application.

Cloud solutions

We provide control logic in cloud, data storage, analytic, device connectivity, notification, user interaction and more services